Van Life Tech

Offering Luxury through Technology the VLT "Roman Holiday" Two Stage Hydronic Heating & Hot Water System is an absolute Game Changer!

NOW Featuring our CALDERA Floor System - the ONLY Structural, Insulated Floor System on the Market -- see Tory's Video!

Imagine, -5F outside, 72F inside with an 82F+ electronically temperature controlled floor!

Our COMPLETE System comes as a DIY package will full installation guides, tools, media and support!

Independence Day Sale!!

*** 07/03 - 07/07 ***

Save $3004, including Shipping and Handling to U.S.A (Lower 48)

$13447  $10,444


Roman Holiday Heating package includes:

Diesel or Gas for all Sprinters, Transits or Promasters
  • Our CALDERA - Structural Insulated Floor System
  • Van Life Tech - Tankless, On Demand Domestic Hot Water Generation
  • Boiler, Expansion Tank, Dual Port Fan Coil, Heat Exchangers, Pumps, Controllers, Touch Screen User Interface, Sensors & Pre-wired harnesses, fasteners, adhesive, heater hose, PEX tubing, plumbing fittings, etc. etc.
  • We even include the Glycol Concentrate - the only additional thing you need is 2 gallons of distilled water!
  • Installer tool kit: includes all specialty tools needed to install.

  • The ONLY COMPLETE Kit on the Market, our goal is that everything needed to install the System ships in the Kit -- NO trips to the Hardware Store!!

Lead times are 2-4 weeks from date of payment

$13447  $10,444

Don't just take our word for it

"The Van Life Tech radiant heat and hot water system is unreal. My girlfriend and I just spent 3 months traveling full time in our van this winter [2019-20] skiing after getting this system installed. We drove around 18k miles, and visited 38 ski resorts. We experienced outside air temperatures below 0 F, elevations over 10k feet, and never once had to worry about the system; it was flawless. It was turned on in December when we left on our trip and we never thought about it again. With our well insulated and well sealed van, fuel consumption was minimal (I'd estimate maybe a gallon a day on a cold day) and electrical consumption averaged around 25 watts. The best part of the heated floor is warm feet and the fact that interior heat recovers very quickly when a door is opened. Hot water is instant and never ending (until you run out of water in your freshwater tank)! The ability to check and adjust temperature over WiFi from a ski lift to make sure our dog was comfortable was an awesome bonus. This system may seem expensive, but when we added up components to do a good job heating air, potable water, installation, floor insulation, etc, it became clear that the additional investment in the Van Life Tech system was well worth it."

Aaron Silidker, Founder RoamRig

Looking to learn more?

See Tory Delury's experience with Van Life Tech.  With never seen before footage showing how the revolutionary system works.